This month, Loyola High School in Los Angeles received a $1 million grant for the modernization and expansion of their student activities center. The improved Xavier Center will host a variety of school functions, while also standing as a reminder of the late William H. Hannon’s devotion to his alma mater.

Lauched in 1983, the William H. Hannon Foundation has provided numerous programs, scholarships and building improvements to the Jesuit high school campus, located near downtown Los Angeles. The recent grant will fund a walkway designed to connect the Eugenie B. Hannon Theater, named after Hannon’s mother, to the new Xavier Center and the rest of the Loyola campus.

The foundation’s recent grant to improve the campus would have greatly pleased the late Hannon, says foundation president Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead.

“My late uncle was a Cub at heart; he loved Loyola High School and the springboard that provided him to then attend Loyola University, now Loyola Marymount University,” she said. “Our foundation’s current grant to help better connect the sprawling Loyola High campus would make my uncle smile.

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