Letters to the Editor

Gratitude for the roots

Thank you for the wonderful article by Mike Aquilina, “That Strange Word ‘Eucharist’ ” in the Nov. 18 issue. I wish more Christians understood the connections of the Catholic Church with her Jewish roots. There would be fewer divisions among Christians if this history were more widely known, and the Mass would be better appreciated. — Marilyn Boussaid, St. James Church, Redondo Beach

Medical perils of ‘gender moment’ are real

I was grateful to see Abigail Favale’s research plainly lay out the medical complications that result from “gender affirming care” in the essay “Making Sense of Our Gender Moment,” in the Nov. 18 issue of Angelus.  As an ER nurse, I would add that the surgeries, hormonal “treatments,” and other procedures these patients undergo complicate their holistic medical treatment, especially in emergency medicine. Because our teams have to sift through complicated medical histories — ones which involve novel interventions — we are sometimes delayed in providing timely and apt treatment in acute situations.  The ripple effects of this “care” are much more wide-ranging than its supporters might want to admit.  — Angela, Arlington, Virginia

In praise of the Vatican's 2022 Christmas stamp

Thank you for including the photo of the new 2022 Vatican Christmas stamps in your Always Forward newsletter. It’s wonderful how the Vatican chooses unique artists such as Francesco Canale, born without arms or legs, who paints holding a brush between his teeth. What moved me to tears was the way the artist managed to convey deep emotions of joy and astonishment in the two scenes with just a few simple brush strokes. This artist is truly gifted and was a great choice for 2022. — Marilyn Boussaid

What the Sheas understood

I appreciated the coverage of John Shea’s life and legacy in the Nov. 4 issue following his passing last month, which I think captured an important truth about John and his wife, Dorothy: that there was no end to what they would do to help children and families. I first met John and Dorothy Shea when I was assistant superintendent of the Pasadena Unified School District in the early 1990s. I had the honor of working with them for 10 years (also later as superintendent), starting with their support for a four-year-old kindergarten program (such programs did not enjoy the public funding they do now). I believe this was their only investment in public schools before they became known for their generosity to Catholic schools. The Sheas inspired so many teachers like myself who have worked in different capacities in education. They understood the importance of early learning and early child development as well as anyone, including researchers, policymakers, or teachers. They were deeply committed to all aspects of forming our youngest children — especially those who didn’t have all that they needed — not just educationally, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. And our Catholic children and families are the better for it. — Vera Vignes is the school board chair of St. Andrew’s Catholic School in Pasadena.

Admiration from this side of the Mississippi

Thank you for the wonderful, uplifting article on AngelusNews.com on the eucharistic procession that made history crossing the Mississippi River from Iowa to Illinois. There is nothing like a peaceful public display of faith as a way to preach the Gospel and give glory to God. Marilyn Boussaid, St. James Church, Redondo Beach

A marriage story that rings true

Jenny Gorman Patton’s article in the Oct. 21 issue, “Where love remains,” resonated with me so much! I married my non-Catholic, Methodist-raised husband in 1982. He agreed to let me raise our children Catholic — in his words, “it was close enough to Christian.”  By 1995 at the Easter Vigil, he had joined the Catholic Church after seeing the outreach programs at the parish I attended, St. Lawrence Martyr Church in Redondo Beach. In 2004, he joined the diaconate program and was ordained in 2009. For all those years, I never pushed him, never asked him to come to Mass, just quietly took our children. Apparently it was God that opened his eyes to the community, to the words in the Bible, and the wonderfulness of the Eucharist. Kim Sheckler, St. Lawrence Martyr Church, Redondo Beach


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