On Sunday, March 11, the Academic Decathlon team at St. Lawrence MartyrrnCatholic School in Redondo Beach placed first out of 105 schools competing atrnthe 28th Los Angeles Archdiocese Academic Decathlon.

This is the 7th time that St. Lawrence Martyr School has won thisrncompetition.  No other school has placed first in the decathlon morernthan 4 times — and St. Lawrence was first in 2006, five times in a row from 2013-2016, and again this year. 

The team willrnnow advance to the State level competition on April 28, 2018. The 14-memberrnteam is comprised of the following middle school students:  KatherinernAltschuler, Jadin Comandante, Devan Cornelio, Jantzen Ebreo, Jiselle C. Lim,rnBrooks Montoya, Caelyn Morais, Noelle Nelson, Rachel Oppenheim, Amanda Peitzman,rnJulia Poprac, Karma Sarni, Lauren Takakawa and Reagan Takakawa. They are leadrnby coach Kathy Barr.

Additionally,rnthe team received medals in following individual events:

¬∑     rnLaurenrnTakakawa placed 5th in Social Studies

¬∑     rnRachelrnOppenheim placed 4th in Religio

¬∑     rnJadinrnComandante placed 4th in Math

¬∑     rnDevanrnCornelio placed 1st in Fine Arts

The teamrnplaced 5th overall in Logic and 2nd in Super Quiz.