San Gabriel Mission High School (SGMHS) in San Gabriel is proud of their girls’ soccer team, which became the league championship winner.

Athletic director Ivan Barajas took the sports program in a new direction this year, allowing the soccer team to win their first championship since 2000. “It’s like night and day,” said Barajas. “With the right coaching changes and student-athletes buying into the new program’s philosophy, there was nothing left but to win.”

The 2015-2016 soccer season was only one loss short of an undefeated season.  Under the supervision of head coach Francisco Lopez and assistant coach Jessica Correll, the team finished the regular league season with a 9-1 record.

“With everything this team has accomplished this year, it’s ridiculous to think that this team is such a young team, with only one senior and two juniors,” said Lopez. “I can only imagine what this team will be like when they become juniors and seniors.”

The SGMHS soccer team advances as the #1 seed in the Horizon League and looks forward to advancing far beyond the first round of the CIF Playoffs.