St. Panteleon was a lifelong layperson. He served as the physician for Emperor Maximinianus. 

At one point in his life, Panteleon abandoned his faith, but when he returned to the Church, he gave his fortune to the poor and provided them with medical care free of charge. Some of his cures were accomplished through prayer. 

Other physicians denounced Panteleon to anti-Christian authorities, and he was imprisoned. At his trial, he offered a contest between him and the pagan priests. Panteleon challenged them to heal a paralyzed man with their prayers, but they failed. Panteleon then cured the man simply by mentioning the name of Jesus. 

Many of those who witnessed the miracle converted to Christianity. But the authorities continued to try to get Panteleon to denounce his faith. They bribed him and tortured him, but he refused. In 305, Panteleon was finally nailed to a tree for his faith.

St. Panteleon is the patron saint of bachelors and physicians.