St. Leonard of Noblac was a Frank courtier in the court of Clovis. He and the king converted to Christianity through the example of St. Remigius. 

After his conversion, Leonard gave up worldly pleasures, including the offer of a See, to live a life of simplicity and preaching. He entered a monastery at Orleans, inspiring his brother, St. Lifiard, to leave the King’s court and build a monastery at Meun. 

Finding the monastery not as secluded, Leonard went to live in the forest of Limousin, eating herbs and wild fruits. He converted many of the people he met, and built an oratory for him to pray. His holiness inspired many, and many people wanted to live with him, so a monastery was built there. 

Leonard had a great compassion for prisoners, and worked to release many and convert them. 

Around 559, he died of natural causes. Many of his followers dedicated churches to him across Europe, and traveled to his tomb to pray to him. One town in Bavaria has recorded 4,000 favors granted through prayers to St. Leonard.