St. Fulbert was born around the year 952, likely in Rome. He received an education from the famous teacher Gerbert, who went on to be Pope Sylvester II.

In 990, Fulbert opened a school at Chartres, which quickly became the most popular place for learning in France, drawing scholars from across Europe. Fulbert also served as chancellor of the church of Chartres. He was known for his teaching style, and typically urged his students never to put their own dialectics above the teachings of the Church and the Bible.

In 1007, Fulbert was consecrated as Bishop of Chartres. He continued to teach in his school, and when the cathedral burned down in 1020, he began to rebuild an even greater house of worship. Fulbert advocated for clergy reform and rebuked bishops who spent too much time focused on wars.

St. Fulbert died in 1029.