Blessed James Oldo was born in 1364 in Italy. His family was very wealthy, and he was married at a young age, continuing his lavish lifestyle with his new wife.

One day, a traveling reproduction of the Holy Sepulchre came to their town, and James jokingly laid down on it to compare his height to Christ’s. The moment he laid down, he was instantly converted.

James became a tertiary soon after his conversion. At first, his mother and his wife did not like the changes James had made, but soon became attracted to his new lifestyle. They became tertiaries as well, and the family turned their mansion into a chapel, and began working with the sick and imprisoned.

After James’ wife died, he was ordained a priest, and practiced severe acts of penance — so severe that his bishop had to order him to eat at least three times a week.

James was well-known for his preaching, and inspired many to join him in the religious life. He prophesied wars and his own death, dying at the age of 40 in 1404. When Blessed James’ body was moved, seven years after he died, it was found to be incorrupt.