King Felipe VI of Spain called Cardinal Juan José Omella, president of the Spanish bishops’ conference, on June 11 to express his condolences for priests who have died from COVID-19, and to thank the Church for its work in the country.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, about 100 priests have died from the coronavirus.

The king offered his condolences for the priests who had died, and voiced concern for those who are ill, the Spanish bishops’ conference said. He also thanked the Church for its service to Spanish society.

According to its annual report, the Catholic Church in Spain served 1.2 million people in health care facilities and 2.8 million people in social service centers in 2018.

Services were provided for the poor, elderly, disabled, chronically ill, at-risk minors and young people, the unemployed, immigrants and refugees, abused women, and people with addictions.

Although the Church has been limited by quarantine measures during the pandemic, it has been able to provide pastoral care for the sick, funeral prayers for the deceased, and food for the needy in the country.