Whether fans are rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers in the upcoming NFL Super Bowl 50, Catholic Charities of Denver, Colorado and Charlotte, South Carolina are uniting to host a friendly Charity Bowl Challenge that any football fan can cheer for.

Executive directors from both cities announced the wager last week, betting that the online fundraising challenge could bring their charities $50,000 by the end of the Feb. 7 game.

"It's a worthy cause that will have a major impact on the lives of the poor and needy in each of our communities," said Catholic Charities of Charlotte CEO Gerry Carter in a recent press release.

"All of our team's fans and Catholic Charities in the Carolinas look forward to this challenge, and the inevitable victory that will be ours," Carter said.

The Charity Bowl is an online fundraiser that started at midnight on January 31. All donations made between then and the end of the Super Bowl game will be counted towards the $50,000 goal.

The outcome of the Charity Bowl will be determined by the amount of money raised, not by the score of the football game. The face-off can be tracked online at www.CharityBowl50.org or through social media with the hashtag #CharityBowl50.

More than bragging rights are at stake for each of the charities. The losing charity’s CEO will dress in the opposing team's colors, sending congratulatory messages to the winning team. The victors will also hold a celebration where the winning charity's CEO will endure a cold sports drink dump.

"Through Charity Bowl 50, Denver football fans have a real opportunity to show they have the best team spirit and a passion for serving others," noted Denver Catholic Charities CEO, Larry Smith.

"This challenge is a true win for both Denver and Charlotte, but there's no doubt we will seize the victory," Smith continued.

Should Charlotte raise more money than Denver, the proceeds will benefit Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Charlotte, which annually serves more than 19,000 people a year with a focus on poverty, disaster relief, refugee assistance and education. They also provide pregnancy support, counseling and family outreach to the local community.

However, if Denver wins the Charity Bowl 50, the money will be used to support Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver, which assists thousands of people each year through their women's services, family outreach, and homeless shelters.

Even those who aren’t cheering for a team in the Super Bowl are encouraged to participate in the Charity Bowl 50 to raise money for Catholic Charities.

Donations are accepted online at www.CharityBowl50.org and the final tally will be published an hour after the Super Bowl ends.