The 51st International Eucharistic Congress will be held January 2016 in the Philippines with the theme, “Jesus in us, the hope of glory.” “We hope in only one person. We hope in God,” said Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, explaining the theme at a press conference. The Eucharistic Congress will take place Jan. 24-31 in the city of Cebu, with more than 15,000 international and local delegates expected to attend. Cardinal Tagle noted God is the source of our hope, because he “has already come to us,” and this is “the greatest reason for hope.” “We have desires,” he explained, “but desires are not hope. The people can have many desires, but they may not have hope.” The virtue of hope referred to in the theme of the congress enriches the spiritual life of every believer, especially amidst any suffering, the cardinal continued. “We are not hoping in someone distant," he said. "We put our hope in someone who was a refugee, someone who was betrayed, who was homeless, someone who was the target of mockery, who was killed, but who God raised to life again. He is in us and for this reason we have hope.” “This is not about passing whims and desires, but about something deeper that defines the human being and society: hope,” he added. “Many of our desires will not be fulfilled, but our hope will never fail. And we hope to have this strong message as we prepare for the International Eucharistic Congress through our lives, through our relationships, through the dynamism of Jesus, who is in us.” This will be the second time the Philippines has hosted the International Eucharistic Congress. The event was first held there in 1937 in Manila. Three years earlier, in 1934, Buenos Aires hosted the 32nd International Eucharistic Congress. Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli attended the event as the papal envoy. Five years later he was elected Pope Pius XII.