As Colombians prepare for a second round of voting in presidential elections on June 15, Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota said that faith has the power to transform the nation. “What is important is that Colombians discover the face of Christ, his love and his mercy.  That we adhere to him through faith and transform our personal lives, our families and society, and build a different country,” Cardinal Salazar told CNA. The Colombian cardinal was in Rome as vice president of the Latin American Bishops' Council (CELAM) and had lunch with Pope Francis at St. Martha's Residence on May 27. “The Pope encourages us to continuously seek after the Lord Jesus Christ, and to continuously reach out to others and go to the people most in need to bring the Gospel through the testimony of our lives,” he added. With regards to the problems of corruption and drug trafficking that have afflicted Colombia for more than 50 years, Cardinal Salazar said that in order to attain a just society, the Church must continue proclaiming “the Gospel and the face of God.” “When people discover Christ, they undoubtedly will no longer sacrifice everything for money, but instead will seek after justice, brotherhood, solidarity, and they will contribute to the building of a just society,” the cardinal continued. “We continuously proclaim the need for honesty,” he said. “The Pope has said so clearly, that money definitely needs to be eradicated as the god of today's society, because all of this — drug trafficking, contraband, corruption — precisely comes from the problem of money converted into the ultimate idol.”