The organizers for Pope Francis' visit to Bolivia made use of a local Burger King as a sacristy for the Pope and the 60 bishops that participated in the only outdoor Mass held in the country. The restaurant of the popular fast food chain is located adjacent to Christ the Redeemer Plaza in Santa Cruz. Organizers asked the company if they could use one of their locations near the altar that was set up in the plaza. An estimated million people attended the July 9 ceremony. “We were proud to provide one of our restaurants. In the next few months we’re going to put up a commemorative plaque there. This is an historical event,” Alfredo Troche told La Nación newspaper. Troche serves as general manager of Bolivian Foods, the business that holds the franchise for the country. Yesterday a group of employees covered up the overhead price list and hamburger promotions with white canvas to adapt the restaurant to the subdued atmosphere required by the ceremony. They also hung up curtains in all of the restaurant windows. Bolivia is the second of three stops on the Pope’s trip to South America. He visited Ecuador July 5-8 and will spend a few days in Bolivia before heading to Paraguay on July 10 to finish his visit.