Easter is a perfect time to take note of all that Christianity has done for Great Britain and to support those persecuted for their faith, UK prime minister David Cameron said in his Easter message. “The church is not just a collection of beautiful old buildings,” Cameron said in an April 4 video message posted on Youtube. “It’s a living, active force doing great works right across our country.” Cameron expressed solidarity with the persecuted church and encouraged his country to be proud of their Christian heritage. “Yes we're a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths and none, but we’re still a Christian country.” From serving the poor to comforting the grieving, the “kindness of the church can be a huge comfort.” However, the Christian duty does not end there. He said Christians must also speak out against injustice and show their support for those persecuted for their faith. Cameron spoke of Christians around the world who are “being threatened, tortured, even killed” for their faith. “To all those brave Christians … we must say, 'we stand with you.'” His government has “put those words into action” by providing support in the form of humanitarian aid and supporting “grassroots reconciliation” in Iraq. “In the coming months we must continue to speak as one voice for freedom of belief,” he said. His government has also supported Christianity at home by investing in the restoration of churches and cathedrals and passing laws protecting religious freedom, Cameron said.