Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane has urged Christians to pray for the victims of a Sept. 13 high school shooting, in which one student was killed and three others were hospitalized. “I would like to ask that you join me in prayers for all those impacted by the shooting at Freeman High School this morning,” he said in a Sept. 13 statement.

The high school, which has just over 300 students, is located near Rockford, Washington, about 30 minutes from Spokane. Just as classes were starting Wednesday morning, a student opened fire outside of a biology classroom, authorities said. One student — identified by local media as freshman Sam Strahan — was killed in the shooting, reportedly as he tried to stop the gunman.

Authorities said the sole suspect is in custody. They did not release the suspect’s name, although numerous eye witnesses identified the gunman as sophomore Caleb Sharpe, the Spokesman Review reports.

“We thank the many first responders who quickly arrived to protect students, take the suspect into custody, and transport victims,” Bishop Daly said. School officials locked doors and closed blinds, following emergency protocols. Half an hour later, they evacuated students to the football field. Three teenage girls — Emma Nees, Jordyn Goldsmith and Gracie Jensen — were sent to the emergency room at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, where hospital officials said they are in stable condition.

“This senseless act of violence has shaken our community,” Bishop Daly said. “My sincere prayers are with all Freeman High School parents, students, faculty, and staff.”

The Freeman School District announced that school would be canceled on Thursday.