rn Editor’s note: This is the third of a four-part series, prepared by the archdiocesan Ministry for Native American Concerns. Thanks be to Grandfather Creator for Elder Brother Jesus, many Prophets and our Ancestors and all the wisdom of the heavens. Our Ancestors kept us in mind as they carefully made their plans.Traditional teachings tell us, even today, to be mindful of seven generations. There are countless values to consider in planning for the necessities of the future generations. This has been a sacred value of many Indigenous cultures of the Americas. Our Ancestors nurtured our spiritual faith for growth of the heart, mind and spirit through their teachings and prayers.  Our decisions are not always hurried. Important decisions require us to take time to offer prayers of thanksgiving and to take the time needed to seek guidance from God, our Grandfather Creator, by praying for the generations to come. We reflect, in prayer, on the wisdom handed to us. Their spirit and wisdom are seeded in us.The tendency not to make a hurried decision is often misunderstood by Non-Native society. Time makes a difference. Giving pause to acknowledge and honor the teachings of our Ancestors will guide us to making the best decisions, beneficial today and for the future generations. We have survived in our motherlands through their prayers and wisdom.Thought is given to invest in harmony, since decisions have moral and lifestyle consequences. Life is mysterious and sacred. It is the manifestation of our Grandfather Creator himself and his Incarnate Son, the source of life. Our pause is to give thought to this sacred harmony and to hear the Holy Spirit.  Each of us is challenged to walk a special spiritual journey of wellness. Our actions and decisions can influence many. When we look at our brothers and sisters, the trees, plants, the animals, and all creation, we need to realize the Creator is within all our relations. Our attention needs to be on the Creator. When we work, we do it for the Creator. When we are troubled, we need to pray to the Creator. When we are jovial, we need to realize we are feeling the presence of our Creator. Again, our actions and decisions influence many different relations. The past has formed paths to the present and the present gives way to the future.Our sacred journey to eternal life has many lessons for us to study, so we may develop our special gifts and also grow to be better in the humankind spirit that can have a domino effect for many generations. Each path is determined by the personal roles that we may have along the way, such as that of a grandparent, parent, aunt/uncle, daughter/son or sister/brother. In addition, each path is influenced by our particular calling in life — parent, teacher, advocate, elder, counselor, clinician, religious leader, social worker, spiritual leader, community leader.Value is also placed in conservation; therefore we are to share with those who are in need. The decision by Ancestors of all races in the USA and Canada of a generation not long ago to reforest and to create tree farms and fish farms has kept these lands fresh and vibrant. Species such as the wolf and Bald Eagles had nearly vanished, but these relatives in creation were saved by careful thought and time. Every one of us is a courier of some kind for the next seven generations. An Elder once said, "We did not create the web of life. But, what we do to it, we do to others and ourselves for the next seven generations." We are now not only to think of ourselves but be mindful of seven generations to come. Sylvia Mendivil Salazar, Akimel O'odham/Yaqui, is coordinator of the Ministry for Native American Concerns in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.rn