Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito of the Palm Beach Diocese is currently recovering from a seven-hour surgery that successfully removed a benign brain tumor, according to the diocese.

“To make a long story short, because of a brief period of vertigo episodes in November, I was sent for a whole series of tests of the inner ear which proved negative. My doctor then sent me for an MRI of the brain just to be safe and rule out any other possibility for the vertigo,” Bishop Barbarito stated in the Palm Beach Post.

The MRI revealed a large benign brain tumor. After consulting other doctors about the diagnosis, Bishop Barbarito was advised to remove the tumor before a more serious problem might occur.

The bishop was admitted for surgery in Miami and began the removal procedure on Monday, Feb. 2. The Diocese of Palm Beach later announced that the surgery was a success.

“Bishop Barbarito is out of surgery and is resting in the recovery room at the hospital. He underwent a difficult and long, seven-hour surgery this afternoon but we are pleased to report that the surgery was a success,” announced the diocese in a press release.

The Diocese of Palm Beach covers five counties with 53 parishes and ministers to more than 267,000 Catholics in area.

Bishop Barbarito has been at the Palm Beach Diocese since 2003 and is planning to continue his work there.

“I feel fine and look forward to continuing that way after this brief ‘vacation,’” he stated. “While this does present an inconvenience, I am fortunate and consider it providential that the meningioma was found when it was! Thanks again for your prayers.”