In response to continuing efforts to redefine marriage, Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington, Va., urged action to protect the union of man and woman that forms a basis for society and children.  “We know that traditional marriage bolsters society and is best for children. The social science is clear that children do best when raised by a mother and father in a stable marriage,” Bishop Loverde said, emphasizing that marriage has a “unique and vital role” in society, and an “intrinsic worth proclaimed by the Church.” In a May 28 column for the Catholic Herald, the bishop warned that “the unchanging reality of marriage is being tested right now, perhaps to the point of no return, and our diocesan participation is very necessary.” Attempting to change marriage from its fundamental meaning and purpose will have profound detrimental effects “for the future of the family, the most fundamental social structure of our society,” he said. The bishop reflected that redefining marriage is leading to a “dramatic and far-reaching break with history and Church teaching, with regard to the definition of the basic building block of families and communities.” With 17 states and the District of Columbia having legally redefined marriage, Bishop Loverde said that “this is all the more reason for us to make the case for marriage and its importance to children, society, and yes, God’s plan for us all.” He encouraged those who are questioning the significance of this matter to stand in defense of the true definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. The Virginia bishop also encouraged participation in the 2014 March for Marriage, which will be held in Washington D.C. on June 19. “Preserving and promoting marriage is an integral component of our shared civic responsibility,” he said, and “this is a fight worth having.”