Regular contributor Dr. Barbara Golder, MD, JD is in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life and will provide coverage and commentary on the event for Angelus News. You can also follow her on Twitter (@ladydoclawyer).

It’s inspiring to walk around Washington inrnthe days before the March for Life. Life in the nation’s capital goes on asrnusual, black cars and black coats everywhere. But here and there you’ll seernthem, from seniors to teens and from all over the country — the March for Liferncrowd.

Last evening at Mass, a contingent fromrnFargo was at the Cathedral of St. Matthew. rnThe priest joked they had come here to warm up (it was in thernteens).  Later, at the Renaissance Hotel,rnsite of many of Thursday’s events, the lobby was full of young people wearingrntheir dedication, if not on their sleeves, at least on their jackets and sweatrnshirts. March for Life logos wererneverywhere. They were excited and exuberant, perhaps as anxious to explore therncity as to take part in the March.

This is indeed the pro-life generation. Asrnfamiliar with ultrasound images as with smartphones, they have rejected the liernthat life in the womb is “just a clump of cells.” And with the naturalrnconfidence and indignation of youth, they are here to make that point.

I saw some more sobering apparel as well:rnbuttons bearing the legend I regret myrnabortion. These are the abortion survivors. Some will take the stage for Silent No More to dispel the lie thatrnabortion is “no big deal.” Some are simply here to meet other women who havernhad the same experience and take the first tentative steps on the journey tornhealing. 

As the day goes on, more and more willrnarrive, bussed in and flown in despite the snowstorms that have hampered transportation.rnIt seems this happens every year, expected in January, but still, one wonders.rnIt doesn’t stop the crowds. Bad weather or not, by bus and train and plane andrncar, they come. 

And still the mainstream media looks away. Today’srnheadline in USA Today covers a march, all right — but the Women’s March, notrnthe March for Life.  I wonder, why is itrnso hard for them to see that disrespect for others — man, woman or child — beginsrnwith disrespect for life in the womb?

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Barbara Golder had a 40-year career in medicine and law, including health care ethics. She is now the award-winning author of the ‘Lady Doc’ mystery series and serves as Director of Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She blogs at