It’s time to start coloring, writing, rhyming, and taping! Students in Catholic schools and religious education programs, including homeschooling, grades K-12, are invited to participate in the “Try Prayer! It Works!” contest, sponsored by Family Rosary. 

The contest encourages students to express their beliefs through art, poetry, prose, and, in a new category this year, video. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Mary, Mother of the Church,” participants can explore how Mary is the mother of Jesus and mother to us all, and how her role in the Church flows from her deep connection with her Son. 

“Mary is the mother of the world,” said Father Willy Raymond, C.S.C., Family Rosary President. “She teaches us to love at all times and always to want the best for the people around us. Mary cares for each of us and will be by our side whenever we’re in need. She became the perfect model of love when she says ‘yes’ to God to be the mother of Jesus.”

“Try Prayer! It Works!” focuses on family faith enrichment in the home. The goal is to bring the Church’s teachings to life around the dinner table with discussion prompts, reflection question, prayer ideas, and creativity.

The first place winner in each category receives $100, while the sponsor of each winner also receives $100. To learn more, or to download an application, visit or call Family Rosary at 800-299-PRAY (7729). All entries are due by Feb. 20, 2019. Call Family Rosary at 800-299-PRAY (7729).

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