Several dozen parishioners and visitors of all ages, many donning vibrant Filipino costumes, gathered at St. Finbar Church in Burbank shortly before noon on Jan. 16 to celebrate the parish’s annual event honoring the Santo Ni√±o, a Roman Catholic depiction of the Child Jesus.

Sponsored by the Filipino community of St. Finbar, the festivities began with the traditional Sinulog dance ritual, with participants lined up in procession formation holding Santo Ni√±o statuettes and “dancing” their way (two steps forward and one step back) throughout the church, accompanied by rhythmic drumming.

The Sinulog, which honors the miraculous image of the Santo Ni√±o (also known as the Santo Ni√±o de Ceb√∫), has pagan origins and is described as the link between the Philippines’ pagan past and its Christian present.

The colorful procession was followed by Mass, with St. Finbar pastor Father Francis Mendoza presiding.