This year’s National Day of Service for the Pasadena Christ Child Society focused on reading and literacy, in a morning of reading and crafting with over 80 children from the local religious education program at Sacred Heart Church in Altadena. 

Past chapter presidents were joined by 30 members and volunteers to read two books, “Popcorn” and “Room on the Broom.” Volunteers from Mayfield Senior School helped the students make their own brooms, inspired by the stories they heard. 

Through the donation of over 175 books by Christ Child Society members, all the children left with copies of the books they read for their home libraries. They also got to take home other books, including “Emmy Budd — Don’t Look Now,” written by past Christ Child president and member Jean Blasiar. Blasiar also donated autographed copies of another one of her books. 

Religious education students show off their crafts at the Pasadena Christ Child Day of Service. (PHOTO COURTESY PASADENA CHRIST CHILD SOCIETY)

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