Alhambra, CA — Ramona Convent Secondary School is among therncountry’s first schools to join a national campaign designed to help youngrnpeople become constructive community members who create a better world. Led byrnHarvard’s MakingrnCaring Common project, the CaringrnSchools #CommonGood campaign aims to motivate schools torntake action to help mend our country’s fractures and strengthen democracy.

“Respect, caring, andrncompassion are the heart of a Ramona education,” says Principal Mary E.rnMansell. “We are proud to collaborate with Harvard on a national effort tornenhance students’ well-being and their commitment to their communities.”

The campaign seeks to deepen students’ care for others andrntheir communities, increase equity and access for all students in the collegernadministration process, and reduce excessive achievement pressure inrncommunities where it is detrimental to students.

These goals align withrnand build on Making Caring Common’s successful Turning the Tide initiative that has engaged more than 175rncollege admissions offices nationwide.

“Ourrncountry is at a crossroads,” said Dr. Richard Weissbourd, SeniorrnLecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Faculty Director ofrnthe Making Caring Common project. “We need to mobilize the great strengths of Americans to prepare youngrnpeople to build strong, inclusive communities and to protect democracy. Thisrnwork has perhaps never been more important.”

To join the campaign,rnschools commit to taking substantial, meaningful action to advance one or morernof the campaign’s goals and to engage in a self-assessment or evaluationrnprocess to measure the impact of their action(s). Schools that commit to,rnimplement, and evaluate the impact of their efforts will earn a specialrndesignation from Making Caring Common.

Ramona Convent wasrnone of more than 135 schools thatrnjoined the campaign as “early leaders” who helped to inform, shape, and buildrnmomentum for the campaign.

As part of the launch,rnRamona Convent today is joining other early leaders on Facebook andrnTwitter using the Caring Schools #CommonGood hashtag to express support for therncampaign, publicly commit to action, and encourage schools nationwide to joinrnthe effort.