OnrnTuesday, March 27, Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez hosted the 2018 Women ofrnAchievement and Emerging Leaders Award Ceremony, which recognizes women who havernmade profound differences in their community.

SisterrnKathleen Callaway, SNJM, president of Ramona Convent Secondary School, wasrnhonored as a Woman of Achievement in the field of Education. She thanked thernaudience, saying, “I am grateful and humbled to be recognized in this way. Ourrnmission…to empower young women to become strong and confident members ofrnsociety who will make a difference in the world closely corresponds to thernpurpose of this award.”

ArnSister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Sister Kathleen has served Alhambrarnand San Gabriel as a teacher, principal and school president for more than 40rnyears. She first came to Ramona in 1967, teaching 7th grade for arnyear before leading the grade school as principal.

Shernspent several years at Holy Names High School in Oakland, where she is anrnalumna, and as principal at St. Anthony School in San Gabriel. She returned tornRamona’s Board of Trustees in 1995, and became the first President of Ramona inrn2000.  

Duringrnher tenure as president, Sister Kathleen has raised more than $9 millionrndollars in scholarship assistance for Ramona families, giving hundreds ofrnstudents the opportunity to receive a high quality education. She has helpedrnbuild new state-of-the-art science facilities on campus, including upgrades tornthe internet infrastructure, the campus gym, and the Makerspace.

Sister Kathleen has also generously assisted localrnelementary schools, collaborated with Alhambra Rotary, and providedrnopportunities for students to develop their leadership skills.