A social network focused on connecting the world in prayer has launched a mobile application enabling people from across the globe to unite and track their petitions and prayers. May Feelings was launched in May 2012 as a social network, aimed at offering an online platform where people could pray for each other’s intentions. “What we were wondering when we started this amazing project was how it is possible that in a world full of social networks, so many people feel alone?” asked co-founder Santiago Requejo, in a promotional video for their website, mayfeelings.com. The mission of May Feelings is to reach people who are alone, or who do not have anyone to pray for them, with the guarantee that their petitions will be heard and prayed for. Users voice their concerns and petitions, and other people respond and offer their prayers. “May Feelings makes you forget yourself in order to think of other people,” said Bosco Ybarra, one of the network’s founders. The May Feelings website has been largely successful, and the network has now launched a mobile app called “Pray — with your iPhone.” Using the same concept as the website, Pray describes itself as the first app that uses prayer and petitions to unite others from across the globe in fellowship. The app connects people from around the world who need prayer, allows users to make and track prayer resolutions, and offers the ability to chat with others about their petitions and accompany them on their prayer journeys. It also allows users to see weekly prayer progress, follow developments on intentions, and be involved in a community that prays together to change the world. Pray has collected more than 1 million prayers from every continent, and has found particular success in South America and the United States, organizers say. One U.S. woman who was struggling with thoughts of suicide told the app’s creators that the prayers she received from users of app gave her the support and strength she needed to “continue fighting against the difficulties of life.” “She was not alone since there were many who prayed and encouraged her to keep going,” organizers said. “This pray app is currently helping thousands of people around the world” and it “reminds us that the power of prayer moves mountains,” they stated.   The "Pray — with your iPhone" app is free and can be found on the app store or on Google play.