Thernworld-renowned Sistine Chapel Choir is making a rare tour of the U.S. thisrnsummer, stopping in Los Angeles on Monday, July 23, 2018, for a concert at thernMicrosoft Theater.

The SistinernChapel Choir is the oldest active choir in the world, dating back to the 1400srnand the papacy of Sixtus VI. Throughout the centuries, the choir has played arnkey part in papal celebrations, and has served an ecumenical role in connectingrnChristians across the world though music and art.

Led byrnChoirmaster Msgr. Massimo Palombella, the choir is composed of 20 professionalrnsingers from around the world, and 35 boys, age 9-13, who make up the treblernsection, called the Pueri Cantores. The Pueri Cantores attend the ScholarnPuerorum, an exclusive school dedicated to providing them with a traditionalrncurriculum as well as rigorous musical training.

Through thernyears, a number of well-known European choristers, including Gregorio Allegrirnand Josquin des Prez, have lent their voices to the Pope’s Choir.

In additionrnto Los Angeles, the Pope’s Choir, as it is commonly known, will visit eightrnmajor cities across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago and New York City.rnThis year’s tour marks the first time the choir has been in to America in overrn30 years. 

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