After the community of Our Mother of Good Counsel (OMGC) in Los Feliz began experiencing financial difficulties, a group of Mount Saint Mary’s MBA students conducted a case study to increase revenues and enrollment at the school and church.

 Team members Pauline Garcia, Lequina Myles, Latricia Rogers and Veronica Salas conducted the study as part of the Mount Saint Mary’s MBA program that culminates in students working with a company or nonprofit to solve a business problem.

 The final report, entitled, “The Efficiently Run Catholic Community Church Parish and School,” listed recommendations and created a communications plan for the company. The project plan was presented to the church and school in August.

 OMGC pastor Father James Mott is pleased with the recommendations and is grateful to the students for their work. The parish and school are considering the possibility of implementing the strategic plan and model.

 Mount Saint Mary’s MBA is offered on the weekends to individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree. The MSMU MBA graduate program is offered in Downtown Los Angeles at the Doheny estate. The program spans 18 months and is designed to meet the global need for effective leaders who can guide change by using value-based decision making.