On March 11,rn2018, Pasadena’s Episcopal Church of the Angels held a choral evensong tornbenefit the arson-damaged Resurrection Catholic Church in Boyle Heights. Bothrnvictims of recent vandalism and arson, the two churches have formed an unexpectedrnbond.

“The horriblernfire at Resurrection Church came shortly after the arson and vandalism at ourrnchurch, and was much more severe,” said Father Robert Gaestel, rector of thernChurch of the Angels. “Despite that, Monsignor Moretta and his parish leadersrnfound ways to be incredibly helpful to us in sharing repair and restorationrnresources, and out of those good interactions came a desire for us to find arnway to support Resurrection’s recovery.”

The choralrnevensong incorporated the ancient service of vespers, and featured the combinedrntalents of the parish choir and the Joyussance early music ensemble. Anrnoffering was collected to help with Resurrection’s repairs, and a receptionrnfollowed on the church patio.

“I felt veryrnmuch at home with the evensong, but more importantly, by the warmth of Father Robert,rnwho arranged for his congregation to help with our parish restoration,” saidrnMonsignor Moretta. “On behalf of the people of Resurrection, I want tornsincerely thank our brothers and sisters at Church of the Angels for theirrnsupport.”

The arsonrnfire at Resurrection Church, which has served Boyle Heights since 1923,rnhappened on Jan. 25, two weeks after a similar fire at the Episcopal Church ofrnthe Angels. The Resurrection fire burned through most of the church’s firstrnfloor before firefighters were able to stop it from extending into thernsanctuary area.

To learn morernabout the Resurrection parish, or to support its repair and recovery, visit www.resurrectionla.com.