Auxiliary Bishop Alex Aclan is making “very positive and continuing progress” in his recovery since suffering a stroke four months ago, his family said.

“All the family members of Bishop Alex Aclan are eternally grateful to all of you for the love, prayers, and support with which you have surrounded him since his recent illness,” the family said in a message emailed to staff of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Dec. 21.

The 71-year-old bishop was hospitalized Aug. 20 in intensive care due to a sudden stroke. Since then, his family has given occasional updates on the bishop’s condition and requested continued prayers.

“Bishop Alex is now living with family members and is making very positive and continuing progress in his recuperation,” the message read. “He is fully alert and communicative and is gaining strength each day through excellent physical therapy. He now travels to the physical therapy center rather than they coming to him.”

Since becoming a bishop in 2019, Bishop Aclan had overseen the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Pastoral Region until his hospitalization last summer. In September, Archbishop José H. Gomez named retired Auxiliary Bishop Gerald Wilkerson as interim episcopal vicar for the region.

In their statement, the Bishop Aclan's family expressed confidence that “the new year will see even more return to normal” in his condition.

“It is obvious that faith and prayer have had an incredibly positive effect on his continuing recovery,” they said.

While Bishop Aclan is not receiving visitors at this time, get-well notes can be sent to him through the San Fernando Regional Office:

15101 San Fernando Mission Blvd.

Mission Hills CA 91345