Since 2008, men who have served the Catholic Church with dedicated heart and joyful spirit have been honored as Distinguished Alumni from St. John’s Seminary.

The dinner, to support ongoing formation at St. John’s Seminary, has honored 30 Distinguished Alumni at a dinner held at the Camarillo seminary each September. Among the honorees are several bishops (three of them cardinals), as well as laypeople who received formation at the Camarillo seminary and then chose a different path to serve church and community.

Five more will join the list of honorees at the 2014 event, scheduled Sept. 28. The complete honorees list (with priests’ year of ordination in parentheses):

—Sept. 21, 2008: Bishop Sylvester Ryan (1957), Monsignors John Hughes (1949), Richard Murray (1943) and John Sheridan (1943), and Louis Velasquez.

—Sept. 20, 2009: Bishop Joseph Sartoris (1953), Monsignors John Fosselman (1942), Wilbur Davis (1964) and Royale Vadakin (1964), and Neil Parent.

—Sept. 26, 2010: Cardinal Justin Rigali (1961), MonsignorsHenry Gomez (1958), Lloyd Torgerson (1965) and Ronald Swett (1967), and Bob Hurd.

—Sept. 25, 2011: Cardinal Roger Mahony (1962), Father Michael McCullough (1973), Monsignors Peter Nugent (1962) and Patrick Thompson (1960), and Christopher Redondo.

—Sept. 30, 2012: Cardinal William Levada (1961), Monsignors Timothy Dyer (1974), Donal Mulcahy (1951) and Jeremiah McCarthy (1972), and Marvin J. Southard.

—Sept. 29, 2013: Archbishop George Niederauer (1962), Monsignors Gary Bauler (1967), Terrence Richey (1964) and Jerome Schmit, and Dr. Paul Ford.

—Sept. 28, 2014: Bishop Gerald Wilkerson (1965), Monsignors Helmut Hefner (1969) and Norm Priebe (1967), Father Tom Peacha (1959), and Michael Clements.