In our ministry with grieving families, we often pray that our hope is in the Lord, who is always present with us, especially in times of terrible sorrow and loss. By their very nature, our Catholic Cemeteries are sacred places which reflect and strengthen the virtue of hope in the resurrection for all who visit them.Last week, the Los Angeles Times published a story about our cemeteries that contained significant omissions and misstatements of fact. The story attempted to create a false impression that the Archdiocese impaired the operation of Catholic Cemeteries both now and in the future by using $114.9 million in excess funding to help pay for the 2007 global settlement with victims of sexual abuse.Nothing could be further from the truth. Our 12 Catholic Cemeteries remain in financially sound condition. Please consider the following facts:—There has been absolutely no negative impact on current Cemeteries maintenance and care, and it is not expected to have any negative impact in the future. In fact the Archdiocese has made $8.7 million in capital improvements to the cemeteries since 2007, and $48 million in improvements since 2002.—The use of the funds for the 2007 settlement helped protect the assets of Archdiocesan parishes, schools and essential ministries.—The amount required for the future care and maintenance of the Cemeteries continues to be funded by the Archdiocese in accordance with actuarial determinations.Again, please be assured that our Catholic Cemeteries are fully positioned to continue to provide well-cared sacred places for Christian burial, with all the attendant rites of the Church, to Catholics and members of their families. This statement was issued Feb. 12 by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.