'The Order' review addresses anti-Christian concerns

I am a huge fan of Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon books. But after reading the summary of “The Order,” I became concerned. I Googled reviews of the book, specifically to see if it is anti-Christian. The first link to appear was your article by John J. Miller, entitled “Nonsense and disorder in ‘The Order.’”

I wanted to compliment you on that article. It addressed my concerns nicely. I am hoping Mr. Silva has read your article and reflected on the points that are raised. I agree that this parallels Dan Brown’s works of several years ago. I read those novels too, enjoying the intrigue and action, but getting madder and madder by the minute with all the attacks on my faith.

I’m in a quandary now, for I want to read Silva’s book (after all, it is a Gabriel Allon adventure), but I’m afraid I’ll just get angry at it.

Thank you for your article. Hopefully it will not fall on deaf ears.

— Jeff Star

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