The ‘Father Terry’ that I knew

Thank you to Heather King for the insightful and spot-on reminiscence of Msgr. Richey published on Jan. 6 (and in this issue on pages 34-35).  

The last several years he lived at St. Basil’s in Koreatown, Father Sergio Garcia and I found ourselves increasingly assisting Msgr. It was made so much more enjoyable with his one-liners and that he was so accepting of his situation. 

He was always upbeat. During the pandemic lockdown he wanted a haircut. I told him I could get a big pair of scissors or set-up a guillotine in the garden, whichever he preferred. In a rather dry response, he said, “I think the guillotine may be a bit extreme.” That kind of repartee went on all of the time.

— Deacon Thomas Brandlin, St. Basil, Koreatown

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