Glad to read beyond the headline of ‘Back to Mass’ story

When I read the headline “Pasadena parish lets LA Catholics ‘choose their moment’ in church” on, I will admit that I was a little concerned. 

I assumed the story (which also appeared in the Dec. 16 issue) would be about some new experimental gimmick to get people back in the pews by any means possible. But when I read the article (always a good thing to do before forming an opinion based on a headline), I found the content and the strategy of this parish quite wonderful: This was a new marketing of "old" and timeless worship: Mass, confession, eucharistic adoration. 

The final quote from Sarah Yaklic about the importance of keeping churches open took me back to my youth, when you could always walk into a Church at almost any time and kneel before a tabernacle. Nice article.

— E.J. Taylor, Los Angeles

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