Beware of the true 'soft totalitarianism'

Regarding the essay on Rod Dreher's "Live Not By Lies," titled "Resist or reach out? The Catholic dilemma after the 2020 election":

Both as Christians and citizens, the search for truth is essential. Yet never before have Americans been so out of touch with reality. However the “soft totalitarianism” we are experiencing does not come from cultural elites. Rather, financial elites and enemy nations have joined together and created the most effective and highly targeted misinformation campaign in history, thanks to consolidated news sources and social media. Do not be mistaken here: your cable company and computer know more about you than your spouse; and no psychological tool has been spared in this carefully crafted manipulation. Awareness of this fact is the first step in discerning truth from lies.

We live in a time of intentional division in our Church and in our nation, designed explicitly to weaken its members. Furthermore, the primary tool of this division is misinformation, misdirection, oversimplification and outrage. It is incumbent upon each of us to recognize and resist this division. As citizens we must learn how to distinguish truth, from partial truths and lies; and as Christians we would do well to consider how much time we spend on the sins of others, versus our own. It is only through personal humility, and prayer that we allow God to work in us.

Mrs. Douglas Jungwirth

Porter Ranch, California

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