A eucharistic refresher course

Thank you for the interview about the Eucharist with Father Neil Xavier O’Donoghue, “A place to receive life,” in the Nov. 19 issue. 

Something he said in the last two paragraphs had a profound effect on me. Although I’m a convert, attend Daily Mass, and adore Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, sometimes I get grumpy and find myself complaining in my head about almost everything: the music, the sound system, irreverent parishioners, etc.

Today, the Solemnity of Christ the King, was one of those days. But I remembered what the article said about the difference my attitude can make — a “hungover” attitude versus a Mother Teresa faith-filled attitude. So I quickly prayed to be more like Mother Teresa at this Mass. I’m happy to report that it worked — by the end of Mass,  I was uplifted and joyful to the point of tears.

— Marilyn Boussaid, St. James Church, Redondo Beach

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