St. Pelagia lived in Antioch and worked as a prostitute. One day, she passed a church while dressed in her elegant and provocative clothes. Bishop Nossus of Edessa was celebrating Mass, and although many of the parishioners turned away from Pelagia, the bishop noticed her outer beauty and her spiritual greatness. He prayed for her later that day, and felt that he and his fellow priests should work to adorn their wretched souls as the prostitute worked to make her body beautiful. 

Pelagia went to hear Bishop Nonnus preach the next day. She was so moved by his words that she repented, and asked Bishop Nonnus to baptize her. He agreed, seeing that she was sincere. The night of her baptism, the devil appeared to Pelagia, trying to tempt her to return to her former life of sin. She prayed, and made the Sign of the Cross, and the devil vanished. 

After her conversion, Pelagia gave her wealth to Bishop Nonnus so he could give the proceeds to the poor. She then went to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and lived as a hermit, disguised as the monk Pelagius. She performed penances and attained many spiritual gifts. When she died, her gender was discovered, and she was buried in her cell.