St. Julie Billiart was born in 1751. She had six siblings, and at the age of 16, she began teaching to help bring in money for her family. She had a great love of Jesus in the Eucharist from a young age.

When someone tried to murder Julie’s father, her health disintegrated, and she was paralyzed for 22 years. During this time, she offered all her sufferings to God.

In the French Revolution, Julie opened up her home to loyal priests who had been forced into hiding, and herself had to flee from danger several times. Around this time, she received a vision of the Crucified Christ, standing with a large group of women dressed in religious habits. A voice told her she would begin a religious institute dedicated to educating young girls in the faith.

In 1803, Julie and a rich young woman began the teaching order, the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The following year, Julie was miraculously healed, and could walk again.

St. Julie died peacefully at the age of 64, in 1816, and was canonized in 1969.