St. Joseph was born in a stable in Cupertino, Italy, on June 17, 1603. His father had died before he was born, and his mother was too poor to pay their debts and lost their home. When he was seven, Joseph began having mystical visions. He would become lost in these visions so often that other children made fun of him, calling him “open mouthed” for his gaping mouth. 

He had a temper, and was not a great reader, so others assumed he was dumb. He was rarely able to focus due to his visions, so he couldn’t hold down a job until he was given a position taking care of a stable at a Franciscan convent. 

When the Franciscans recognized Joseph’s holiness and humility, they allowed him to study for the priesthood. Although he was a bad student, he was asked a question he knew, and passed the examination. 

As a priest, Joseph was granted divine knowledge that allowed him to solve intricate theological questions. For the last 35 years of his priesthood, he was unable to celebrate Mass in public because he would often be lifted into the air when he went into an ecstatic state. This happened in many Masses, and became distracting for those in attendance. 

Joseph died on Sept, 18, 1663, He was canonized in 1767 by Pope Clement XIII, and is the patron saint of air travelers and those studying for exams.