St. Augustine is the son of St. Monica, celebrated on August 27. He was born in Tagaste, Africa, in 354, and for much of his youth and early adulthood, he lived in sin and revelry, having fallen away from the Catholic Church quickly. He was a well-known scholar and became a follower of Manichaeanism, which claimed that it could disprove the Scriptures.

In 386, Augustine went to Milan and met St. Ambrose, a bishop and Doctor of the Church. St. Ambrose inspired him to delve into Catholicism, and Augustine eventually was baptized into the faith. His mother, St. Monica, who had consistently prayed for his conversion, died shortly thereafter with her dream fulfilled.

Augustine returned to Tagaste, and was eventually made the bishop of Hippo. He remained their pastor for the rest of his life, writing many autobiographical and theological teachings that continue to influence and shape the Church today. St. Augustine died on August 28, 430, at age 76.