St. Arsenius was born in Rome in 354. Because of his studies in Greek literature, he served as a tutor for Arcadius, the son of Theodosius the Great. St. Arsenius spent 11 years tutoring the sons in the imperial family. 

Although he enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle as the boys’ tutors, Arsenius felt called to a more pious lifestyle. He prayed for guidance, and heard a voice telling him to “flee the company of men” in order to be saved. He left for the desert of Scetis to live among the solitaries there. 

Arsenius lived with St. John the Dwarf, who tested his humility, and began training him in a life of solitude. 

For 55 years, Arsenius lived in solitude, praying constantly and denying himself any comforts. He was known for his devotion to God. 

St. Arsenius died in 450. 

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