Here is a list of books written by Pope Benedict XVI and published by USCCB Publishing, the publishing arm of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, in conjunction with Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the Vatican publishing house. The titles are listed alphabetically by category, then alphabetically within each category.Each book has a publication number following the title, and a publication number for a Spanish-language version where applicable. Books marked by an asterisk at the end of the title are also available as e-books or soon will be available in that format.Catechesis:— "Jesus Christ Through the Eyes of Pope Benedict XVI"* (7-198) (e-book in progress)— "The Person in Prayer"* (7-302)— "The Prayer of Jesus"* (7-351) (e-book in progress)— "A Year with Pope Benedict XVI" (7-125)Encyclicals and Major Documents:— "Caritas in Veritate"* (7-049 in English, 7-806 Spanish)— "Deus Caritas Est"* (5-758 in English, 5-922 in Spanish)— "Sacramentum Caritatis"* (7-002 in English, 7-800 Spanish)— "Spe Salvi"* (7-039 in English, 7-804 Spanish)— "Verbum Domini"* (7-136 in English, 7-826 Spanish)Spiritual Thoughts:— "Christmas"* (7-194)— "The Environment"* (7-305) (e-book in progress)— "The Eucharist"* (7-084)— "The Face of Jesus"* (7-195)— "Faith"* (7-374) (e-book in progress)— "Family"* (7-075)— "Following Christ" (7-056)— "Interreligious Dialogue"* (7-276) (e-book in progress)— "Mary"* (7-054)— "The Priesthood" (7-086)— "St. Paul" (7-053)— "The Saints" (7-055)— "Sickness" (7-137)— "Spiritual Thoughts: In the First Year of His Papacy" (5-765)— "Vatican Council II"* (7-367) (e-book in progress)— "Women"* (7-346) (e-book in progress)— "The Word of God" (7-065)— "Young People"* (7-196)Other Titles:— "A Christmas Novena with Benedict XVI" (7-126)—"Prayers by Pope Benedict XVI" (7-072)— The Way of the Cross* (7-148)Online orders can be placed at Phone orders can be made by calling (800) 235-8722.{gallery width=100 height=100}gallery/2013/0315/benbooks/{/gallery}