Sadly this week we have seen mass shootings in three cities in our country — Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

With the whole family of God here in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I am praying for the victims of this violence.

We pray for the innocent victims in these attacks, we ask that God stay close to their families and loved ones.

We pray for the wounded to be healed, and we ask that God give strength and guidance to the doctors and nurses treating them.

We ask that God grant wisdom and prudence to law enforcement and public officials working to make sense of the violence and keep our communities safe.

And we pray for peace. Peace in our violent world. Peace in the hearts of those who hate and those who are troubled.

We pray for peace in the hearts of those who are afraid and hurting, peace for those whose faith has been shaken.

And we pray finally, for peace in our own hearts. We pray that we might feel God’s love and know that he will deliver us from every evil.

We ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to intercede for us, to be a mother to us in this hour of pain and uncertainty.

May she help us to care for those who are suffering and to be healers and peacemakers in our world.

It is hard to understand this random and senseless violence. But Jesus calls us to trust in God, and he calls us to overcome evil with good, and hatred with love. And we know that his love is stronger than death.