IceTheme is here to make your life easy and it will do so with your site content too. To keep it short, the Sample Data files will make your site exactly as you see our templates on the Demo.

We have modified the default Joomla content to suit the layout of our template and to show the marvelous features, which they could have been hidden from your eye, if we wouldn't add this customization.

However, another great advantage of the Sample Data files is that it will save your a lot of time in customizing and modifing the template. It is more easi for you if you have already set the module positions, the module suffixes, the organzied menus, login forms ect.

Important: Installing the sample data will delete any existing data. Do NOT install if you have existing data that you want to keep.

The Sample Data include the sample_data.sql file which you should import in your database. Also is the images folder which you should replace on your site main directory. However you should first run the default Joomla Installation Process and make a fresh installation.