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Priesthood Ordination | Class of 2023

Cesar Galan, fsp, Michael DiPietro, Rene J-C Haarpaintner, Hieu D. Nguyen, Enrique Piceno Jr., Emmanuel Sanchez, Sergio Sandoval Martinez, and Luis Gerardo Peña were ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, June 3, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

We all know the challenges in our culture, the challenges of skepticism and relativism, the idea that there are no truths, that religious beliefs are just private opinions. We know the hostility that the Church faces in the society around us. We know we are living in a moment of “strong delusion” about the meaning of the human person. So, yes, the apostle is right. We need to “be vigilant,” as he says. But the most important line in the second reading of today’s Mass is the last one: “When [St. Paul] had finished speaking he knelt down and prayed with them all.” My brothers, you must give priority to prayer! Pray for your people. Pray with your people.
-Archbishop Gomez, Ordination Homily

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