The social networking site May Feelings, dedicated to sharing prayers and messages, has announced a new contest to reward the “most original, creative and effective” efforts that challenge youth to share the faith. May Feelings is seeking submissions of videos of two minutes or less that express how to “make noise” to bring faith to others. This can take the form of acting, a hashtag trend, an app, a website, or a blog. “We want to reward those who ‘make noise’ on the internet to bring God to others without fear,” the May Feelings’ contest announcement said Aug. 4. “We seek the most original, creative and effective ‘noise’ that challenges youth.” “Don’t put limits on your imagination ... just explain that to us in a video,” the announcement continued. “You do not need great technical skills; you can just record it with your mobile phone.” Entries may be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or uploaded to YouTube, with the YouTube link being sent to the same e-mail address. Entries can be submitted in any language, but non-Spanish language entries must have English-language subtitles. There is no limit on the number of individual submissions, but the deadline for submissions is Nov. 10, 2014. First Prize in the contest includes an exclusive newsletter from the winner to 150,000 people sent via the May Feelings website and its Pray App; a May Feelings-created video on the submission to be shared with the world; promotion on May Feelings’ social networks to its 30,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; and a winner’s certificate. The winner will be announced at the May Feelings Gala Awards Last year’s contest asked for submissions answering whether a mobile phone could help a person pray. The May Feelings website is