Heroic Media is celebrating their most successful year yet, reporting their pro-life ads have generated more than 360,000 responses, the highest number in the apostolate's 10-year history.

“This is more than a number for us — every woman we are able to connect with a pregnancy center means a potential life saved,” Joe Young, vice president of operations at Heroic Media, said in a Dec. 9 statement. Heroic Media is a pro-life organization that uses a variety of media outlets to connect pregnant women to life-affirming resources, utilizing information and pregnancy centers to provide women with alternative choices to abortion. “Heroic Media is committed to serving women with positive messages. Our team of media experts works to produce and place research-based messages to meet women right where they are,” stated Marissa Cope, director of marketing for Heroic Media. The more than 360,000 persons who contacted Heroic Media because of its advertising were given access to information about pregnancy resources and support. Contacts included texts, chats, online clicks, website visit, and calls to pregnancy centers. “We empower women with information and access to hopeful, life-affirming resources,” Cope stated. Those who responded to Heroic Media were given access to pregnancy centers across the country for support and information. Various pregnancy centers nationwide teamed with Heroic Media to spread life-affirming messages, promoting adoption instead of abortion as a viable option. Currently, the organization is connected with pregnancy centers in ten states. The increase in responses led to an 88 percent increase in connections to life-affirming resources: 336,000, up from 178,000 in 2013. Heroic Media uses television commercials, billboards, and internet advertisements, and in an effort to continue its success is launching three new television commercials for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.   These advertisements will promote life-affirming alternatives to abortion for pregnant women who are seeking other options. Currently, Heroic Media’s television commercials air on 975 networks every month. “We are overjoyed with these numbers and are already considering how we can reach even more women who may be considering abortion, to connect them with life-affirming resources and information,” Young stated, hopeful that Heroic Media would continue their success in reaching pregnant women.