Speaking to reporters for the first time after her victory on The Voice Italy, Sister Cristina Scuccia said that she now plans to return to the two priorities in her life, which are “Jesus and prayer.” “My future is in the hands of my superiors. I trust in Providence,” the 25-year-old Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family said in an interview with the Italian website TGcom24. Sister Cristina captured the attention of the world when she appeared on the Italian version of The Voice. Her performance of Alicia Keys’ song “No One” has attracted more than 50 million views on YouTube. On June 5, she won the 2014 season of the show with 62 percent of the final vote. Upon being announced as the winner, Sister Cristina voiced thanks to God and led the crowd in praying an Our Father, explaining, “I want Jesus to enter into here.” Asked about inviting the studio audience to pray, Sister Cristina smiled and said, “Excuse me but if I did not do it here, then where should I do it?” She said she is “very certain” that she will renew her vows in the coming weeks. “In 2009, I began my journey as a postulant. I spent two years in Brazil for my novitiate and then made my first vows in 2012. I must renew them for three more years in order to make my perpetual vows. I will renew them for the second time at the end of July.” Asked whether her victory on The Voice has changed her decision regarding religious life, Sister Cristina responded, “Absolutely not. This is the path for me.” The Italian nun was awarded a contract with Universal Records after winning the singing contest. “That is in the hands of Providence,” Sister Cristina explained. “My superiors will decide what to do with that.” Universal had planned a world tour with the winner of The Voice, but Sister Cristina told reporters, “I repeat, that will be decided later but for now I can say that evangelization is not bound by territorial limits. For this reason I will also be available.” She said she decided to compete on The Voice because “the Lord has given me a gift and honestly it would have been just for me to have stayed hidden in a corner at home. So I wanted to also show that God has not taken anything away from my life, but rather he has given me so much more.” Sister Cristina said she hopes the songs on her potential first album will be “simple songs that speak about the reality of daily life and have lyrics that talk about love.”