Mother Angelica, the nun who founded EWTN, has been posthumously honored for her lifetime achievement in Catholic communications. One of her close collaborators said she wanted Catholic media to rely totally on God.

The Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals on June 2 awarded Mother Angelica its President’s Medallion during the Gabriel Awards gala at the Catholic Media Conference in St. Louis, Mo.

Michael P. Warsaw, EWTN Global Catholic Network chairman and CEO, accepted the award. He said Mother Angelica had spoken with him about her expected legacy.

“She said her legacy, and the legacy of the network, would not be what had been done, but how it had been done — by relying totally and completely on the providence of God,” Warsaw said.

“So I would encourage everyone, particularly those in Catholic media, to follow Mother’s example of relying upon God’s providence in your own lives as you work to spread the Gospel.”

Mother Angelica, a Poor Clare nun, passed away on Easter Sunday, 2016 at the age of 92. She had founded EWTN in Irondale, Ala. on Aug. 15, 1981. The network, now in its 35th year, is the largest religious media network in the world. It provides Catholic media through television, radio, the internet, print services like the National Catholic Register and wire services like Catholic News Agency.

The Catholic Academy of Communications Professionals serves broadcasters, communications directors, public relations personnel, and other professionals who use media to serve the Church. The academy previously recognized Mother Angelica in 1984 when it gave her its Personal Achievement Award for founding EWTN.