All menus shown on this page are implemented using the IceMenu feature. Take a look at this page to know some of the amazing features of the IceMenu system.

The IceMenu system is based on the latest and stable Mootools JavaScript framework (currently version 1.2). You can almost customize any feature and options for it through the Template Manager in J! Administrator.

Below are some of great features of the IceMenu System:The IceMenu is accessible and usable - If Javascript is disabled it goes back as a normal non-effect dropdown menu.It can be fully customized through the Template Manger in J! Administrator.Support transparency and you can set any percentage that you desire (0 to 100%)You can have three main effects which includes fade, slide and fade/slide but also you can set the animation effect using the Mootools transitions.One of the best features is the Orientation one. It means that you can have, as you see on the demo, Vertical Dropdown (MainMenu) and Horizontal Dropdown (Othermenu). You can set also the Direction to the Orientation feature. So you can have the dropdown effect to float on the top instead of the normal float on the bottom. You can have the dropdown effect to float on the left instead of the normal float of the right. Here is a screenshot of the Edit-Template Manger in the J! Administrator. You can see how fully-customizable is the IceMenu system.rn